Monday, March 2, 2009

Managing Working Mommy Guilt

I received a whole $2.50 for this article on Associated Content! I think I need to add "Freelance Writer" to my resume.

Managing Your Working Mommy Guilt By Not Being Perfect

I have to admit that I excel at the "not being perfect" part of this article.


orangemily said...

I think this applies to all moms!

Nicole said...

wow, $2.50. You are going to be able to quit your job any time now!!!

So, what's my excuse? I'm a stay at home mom and I'm SO FAR from perfect it's not even funny!!!

Trent Family said...

I really liked the article. I don't need an additional job to guilt mommy talents or lack thereof, I do this all too well. I especially like the idea of taking a vacation from the kids. It's so obvious and brilliant. And rewarding myself - heck ya! I need rewards too, no matter how small. It just makes sense.