Friday, September 4, 2009

A Dear John Letter to A Soda Pop

My dearest Diet Dr. Pepper,

How I have missed you! Every day, I crave your sweet smooth taste. I ache for your lovely brown, bubbling liquid lighting up my dull glass. I dream of the days when I held you in my hands and I knew that I would not be tired because you were there.

But, too quickly, you became a drug. I was addicted to the burst of energy I had when you were my drink of choice. I couldn't sleep at night. And so I had to leave you for your weaker, younger brother, Caffeine Free.

It certainly isn't the same, but he's a safer choice. I can sleep at night now, and I no longer have my recycling bin full of your bottles. It is better. I keep telling myself that. This is the way it needs to be. I'm sorry.



P.S. Don't despair. I'm sure you'll be back in my life before you know it. It's only the second week of school.


Amy L said...

You are hilarious! Are you going to have your creative writers write their own "Dear John" letters?

Andria said...

I actually did this writing with my regular English classes. They were supposed to write love letters to something that wasn't human. My letter, however, turned into a "Dear John" letter. My students wrote some great ones and actually followed the assignment.

orangemily said...

Too funny!

Annj said...

Clever writing assignment. I enjoyed your letter alot.