Monday, January 2, 2012

Peace This Year


Last year's word was "courage." Last year was an exciting/scary year. I needed a good dose of courage.

This year will probably be a little exciting/scary too, but I find that I don't need courage as much as I need peace.

I'm not just talking about having peace, though. I'm talking about being at peace.

At peace with the fact that this may not be the year I sign that contract.

At peace with the fact that I didn't get into that one university two years ago (yes, I've still held a grudge against them and the Universe for that one, although I know I'm much happier at Vermont College).

At peace with the fact that I may be teaching at my school for a while longer yet.

At peace with the fact that I probably won't be blogging much this year.

At peace with the fact that I probably won't spend as much time in the studio this year making stuff.

At peace with my past mistakes and decisions.

Last year was full of adrenaline. I'm hoping for a little less heart-pumping this year and a little more heart. And if not, I hope I'll be at peace with that too. :)


amanda said...

What a content post. It brings me peace to read.

Liza said...

It's a good idea to spell out what you want in the days ahead! Nice post and Happy New Year.