Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Couple O' Things

First, the website for the movie Twilight finally has some content on it. Some very nice content! I must say that I am loving the poster for the movie.

Second, I finally reserved my copy of Breaking Dawn yesterday. I called over to Barnes and Noble and reserved two copies (one for my classroom and one that is all for meeee!). When the guy taking my call asked me the title of the book I wanted, and after I told him, he said, "I should have known." I laughed.

Third, (okay, now I'm officially going over the number of "things" that I implied with my post title) I am going to buy The Host today. Maybe I'll read it while I'm in labor.

Fourth, I bought the coolest little kitchen gadget from QVC. It's called the Microgrill. It's a little gadget that you can put in your microwave and, well, grill things. It came Tuesday and since then we've used it to cook the following things: steaks, chicken breasts, hot dogs, salmon burgers, Colossimos Red Wine sausages with green pepper and onions, and (believe it or not!) refrigerator cinnamon rolls. I like it because I can just put it on top of my microwave, so it doesn't take up a lot of space, it's fast, and it is so super easy to clean. I could even put it in the dishwasher if I so desired.

I think it's a great little thing for our family. I don't think it's the best if you're having company over and you're going to grill steaks for everyone, but it is perfect for just a few people.


Nicole said...

you can read while in labor? labor is pretty much all consuming for me.

I have had twilight in my possession since friday and still haven't started reading it yet. some day.

orangemily said...

I'm with Nicole, I can't read while in labor.
I'm not fmiliar with those books, I'll have to check them out.

MeggyMeg said...

I can't wait. Very good books Emily, you need to read. I can read, until my labor gets too hard, and then I can read again after the epidural :) AHHH. Any closer to baby?

Andria said...

With my last labor, (when I was induced), I read for awhile. My labor has never been very bad. In fact, when they give me the epidural, I'm still just uncomfortable, not really in pain. I could probably do it without the epidural, but I don't want to risk it.