Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here's what happened...

Thanks to all of you who left comments on last Wednesday's post. Here's my version of what happened:

There once was a little man who was trapped in a bathroom. He had a book of maps that he would consult, hoping that one day they would lead him to an exit. But no matter how hard he tried, that book of maps never helped him to get out of that bathroom. It led him ice cream shops and monster trucks, however.

And here's what really happened:

Last Monday my boys were both coughing hard. Andrew had a cough that sounded really dry and painful, so I turned the shower on full blast on hot and put a chair in the bathroom for him to sit on so he didn't have to sit on the floor. And then I felt bad about shutting him up in the bathroom by himself, so I got him his maze book so he could do some mazes while he was in there.

I have to admit, what you think happened in that bathroom is much more interesting than what really happened.

I have another picture for this week if I can find it. I think it will really make you scratch your head.


Annj said...

I wouldn't have thought to give him something to play with, you are good to think about that kind of stuff.

Nicole said...

poor boys. I hate they dry hacking coughs!

I'm glad he wasn't actually lost in the bathroom. That would be pretty sad. Although a child is likely to get lost in my bathroom if I don't clean it soon. It is getting pretty scary!