Monday, February 9, 2009

Miracle Mega Magnet Monday

Oh, I had this whole cool "Mega (mega mega mega) Magnet (magnet magnet magnet) MONDAAAAAAYYY!" thing planned out and I was so excited to do Magnet Monday today. But then, suddenly, the internet was gone and I couldn't figure out what was wrong and I thought, Oh, no! Mega Magnet Monday will have to be cancelled (well, maybe not cancelled but at least moved until tomorrow). And I had told myself that I was going to have miracles today! Today was supposed to be a day of miracles and it was turning out to be a day filled with disappointments.

Then, after I had given up getting the internet back up, I had gone into the computer room and saw that all of the lights were lit up on the modem. Hmm, a good sign, I said to myself. So I grabbed my sweet little computer, and, what do you know!, the internet was back up. So, it's late, but we're having Miracle Mega Magnet Monday!

First off, we have two gift tags that have been converted into magnets.

Magnet Gift tags: fronts

Magnet gift tags: backs

I've been making these flower gift tags over the last few weekends, perfecting them, and now I have 6 sets of them ready to put in my Etsy store. But the first two people who comment on this post will receive one of these magnet/gift tags as well as get their names put in the drawing for the other magnets.. And if you buy a set of gift tags and you want magnets for them, just leave me a note when you purchase the tags, and I'll send you the magnets for free.

Flower Gift Tags Now Available

Okay, ladies (and gentleman), sit down for the next set of magnets. They're Scrabble tile magnets, but they're not just any Scrabble tile magnets, they're...


Bella, Edward, and Twilight magnets! (There is an extra "e" and "w" so they don't have to be used exactly as picture above.) And now for the disappointing thing; I'm not giving them away. No, if you want them, you'll have to buy them. But I am giving away two small Scrabble tile magnet sets. And here they are:


Yep, for Valentine's Day "Love" and "Sexy" are the magnets I'm giving away! I'll give the "Love" magnets to one lucky person and the "Sexy" set to another.

There is also going to be a surprise magnet on Friday when I announce the winners. So, what do you have to do to win? Just post a comment before Friday. And if you want another entry, let the readers of your blog know about the giveaway by posting to your blog.

And if you've already won, please still post a comment. Everyone is welcome to enter!

I'll also be adding the gift tags and the Twilight magnets to my Etsy store this week. I'll let you know when that's been done.

Whew! I'm tired now, but I'm so excited about Miracle Mega (mega mega mega) Magnet (magnet magnet magnet) MONDAAAAAYYYY!


Nicole said...

What, no theme song this week? I'm so disappointed. But actually happy that you are back. And that your internet is working again. And that I'm the first one to leave a comment. YEA!

Megs said...

Those are so awesome. I really like the scrabble ones! Glad that your internet came back up. I have been looking forward to your post all day!

orangemily said...

You are very creative!
I've been inspired to give away things on my "gifts" blog, but I haven't uploaded the pictures yet.

HeidiPie said...

Those tags are really cute. I can just picture you with your little computer blogging away... Thanks for the magnets, they are up on my fridge and look awesome!! I didn't know if I had thanked you yet.

KASH said...

Way cute and Fun! Love them all again :)

Amy said...

Hi, Andria, I'm posting on your blog! Are you shocked? :)

Kendra Leigh said...

Is is too late to post a comment? (not that I expect to win, b/c I never do.... but I can hope, can't I?)
P.S. Scrabble is my favorite game!

Kaylene said...

Those are so cute! :) Now I see what you meant by your little crafty things! :) Good for you being all crafty!