Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Best Places for Writing Inspiration=The Worst Places for Writing

There are 3 places where I get the most inspiration for my writing. These three places are not always the best for doing actual writing. One place could be quite dangerous if I pulled out my netbook and started getting down the perfect pieces of dialogue that come to mind. Another place is rather...humid. Soggy paper is not the best writing utensil. And the third place...well, it's really the timing with the third place rather than the location itself. So, in no particular order, here are my 3 best places for writing inspiration but the worst places for actual writing:

1. The Car: I really do come up with some of my best ideas for writing while I'm driving in the car. My characters have entire conversations in my head. Some people might call this schizophrenia; I call it amazing. Sometimes I'll pull out my digital voice recorder and try to get the basics down for the conversations. Other times I'll actually pull over, pull out my notebook, and start writing so I can get it all down just right. I try to do very little writing while I'm actually handling a car though. That probably wouldn't be much better than texting behind the wheel.

2. The Shower: It amazes me how often I can be stuck in my writing and then discover the answer while I'm shampooing my hair. I have actually, in the middle of writing, stopped to take a shower so I can get the ideas flowing. I've also started thinking about marketing dry erase markers for writers to use in the shower. I haven't tried it myself yet, but I will soon. So don't steal my idea! Please...

3. The Bed...just before I go to sleep: I actually do most of my writing while sitting on my bed. I do absolutely no writing at my writing desk in my studio. My bed is just so warm and comfy and ahhhhh. I do a lot of my writing just before bed time. Then I'll shut down, plug my netbook in, take my contacts out, and snuggle under my covers. After about 2 minutes, I'll have an epiphany about what I've been writing, and I have to turn on the bedside light, put my glasses on, and jot down the idea on the sticky-notes I keep on my night table. Then I'll take off my glasses, turn out the light, snuggle back down into my covers, and close my eyes. After another 2 minutes, something else will occur to me, and I do it all over again.

So, I ask you, dear reader, in what location do you get most of your inspiration for, well, anything?


orangemily said...

It's weird, when I kneel down to pray at night it seems like EVERYTHING starts running through my head! So I'm trying to pray and my brain starts reeling, sometimes I try and think first then pray other times in reverse, but either way I'm on my knees for way too long (and then I end up falling asleep on my knees).

amanda said...

Definitely the shower. That's number one for me.
In the car driving across Kansas. My mind has no distraction unless the kids begin chatting (arguing).
I get distracted easily, so when I'm alone is when the ideas flow.