Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bucket List #55: Flamenco

In November, I started my list of 100 things I want to do during my lifetime. Learning to do this is #55 on my list. Okay, watch the video first, and then continue reading the post. The video is a little long (a whole 8+ minutes, which seems long in a world where we have the attention span of 10 seconds...okay, I'm really just talking about myself here) but it is totally worth it. Watch all of it. Please.

Now, here are some of the things I was thinking of as I watched the video myself:

1. I'm going to have to lose a lot more weight to fit into that dress.
2. I wonder if she waxes her armpits. Ouch.
3. Can I be a flamenco dancer with my big bosoms?
4. Hey! She has my shoes! (#56 on my list is to own a pair of red flamenco shoes.)
5. I love how her hands move. They're so graceful, so poetic. Can hands be poetic? If they can, hers are.
6. I'm fascinated by how her feet move. How does she do that?
7. Is the tattoo on her shoulder the source of all of her flamenco powers?
8. Where did she get her magic flamenco powers tattoo?
9. If I get a magic flamenco powers tattoo like hers, will I also magically be able to fit into that dress?
10. Should I use my flamenco powers for good or for eeeevil?!

So, if you could learn to dance any dance, what would it be? And would you use your dancing powers for good or for eeeevil?


Amy Jo said...

I thought her hand movements were a little strange (yes, I know, you're going to hate me for that comment), but I'm all for the shoulder tattoo. When are we going to get our tattoos? :)

amanda said...

I just have to say, this post made my day. You are so incredibly cool.
I stomp around the house in rhythm all the time. Just need the shoes. My thoughts:
#1 boy, she does have smooth underarms
#2 do people really wax their underarms, ouch
#3 dang, I need those shoes
#4 I so appreciate that the dress has nice drape but is not skin tight
#5 I wonder if Andria has seen Strictly Ballroom

Heather said...

I learned to salsa once at an arts camp :) it was pretty fun! I remember they constantly had us dancing to Ricky Martin ;)

I'm starting to get back into ice skating. Its sorta like dancing! You just have to realize that everyone starts somewhere...if you really have an interest, go for it! you only live once!

Anndrea said...

I was thinking I wonder if Andria's love of flamenco comes from her mission? Do they Flamenco dance in Spain? Did Andria really go to Spain on her mission or do I have her mixed up with someone else?

I would love to learn how to hula. I think that it is such a beautiful dance I could use it for good and eeevil! mwah ha ha ha!

Nicole said...

If you are going to learn to flamenco because you went to spain anndrea is going to learn to hula because she went on a mission to hawaii then tell me please what dance do they do in Spokane?

These days I mostly find myself doing the dance of the plump sugar fairy.

Joe Average Writer said...

Flamenco dancers always have some ulterior motives!