Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011: One Month Down, 11 More to Go

Holy cow! It's already February 1st. Seriously, where did January go?

On the Big Scary Fun goal front, I've accomplished a couple of things: I finally got in my application for the MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College of Fine Arts. That was stressful. Now we move on to the hardest part of the application...waiting.

I had also planned on having a 1/3 of my novel revised by the end of the month, and I'm now on page 102. So, I'm hoping that's 1/3.

Amy Jo and I decided to go to LDStorymakers in May and we're both pitching to agents. (What am I doing?! Someone please tell me how I'm supposed to pitch to an agent!) And then we're also both going to WIFYR again this year and we're in the Bootcamp session. (Again, What am I doing?!)

Now I need to move on to February. I have another 100 pages to revise in the novel and it's a short month, so I better get cracking.

Give me a quick update of your January. How's 2011 treating you so far?


Teri Anne Stanley said...

I have a friend who once said he loved February because it meant winter was over. I have been beating him over the head with that comment for ten years now. Ack!
I wouldn't say the year has gotten of to a bang, but it's not whimpering, either. It just IS, and that's a good thing!

orangemily said...

Busy busy!
Good luck!

Amy Jo Lavin said...

I'll be grateful for when February is over! It's been a stressful month, and once I get past it, then I can concentrate on my writing again.