Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Here's my new favorite question to ask people:

What would you do if you could do anything and didn't have to worry about paying the mortgage or buying food for your family?

Now, I'm not a therapist or a life coach or a self-help guru (although the last two sound like awesome jobs!), but I believe our individual answers to that question can be revealing. And I think that we need to try and get as close as possible to living ouranswer. Whether we take baby steps or Bigfoot steps doesn't matter as much as taking those steps.

So, now I ask you the same question: What would you do if you could do anything you wanted to do? If you're not ready to answer that question here in the blogworld, answer it in your journal. Then, if you have a couple of extra minutes, what steps are you taking (or are you going to take) to live your answer?


Jeremy Robb said...

It's incredibly important to emphasize the need to take those steps. Making plans can be fun, and getting into the pie in the sky dreams are fun too, but if you don't do anything but make the plan, you can't get any closer to the goal.

Personally, I'm focusing my energy on learning new skills that can increase my overall value to my current employer as well as making me a valuable employee anywhere else should the need arise.

Liza said...

I'd continue on as I am right now. I'd work part-time and write when not working, though I'd add in some serious writing courses. Sadly, it won't be long before that part-time pay won't cut it.

orangemily said...

I'd be home with my kids, which luckily I get to.
Now if only Richard could get a job!

Joe said...

At this current moment, I'd like to wander the halls of the Alhambra like Washington Irving, writing, living, and being. But that could change tomorrow.