Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Magic in my backyard

A year and a half ago, I was daydreaming about Port Townsend, wishing I could move there. I think I even looked up houses and jobs up there. I wanted the magic back in my life, the magic I've felt when I've spent when I've visited the Pacific Northwest.

It was during those moments of longing that I wrote this.

Magic in my Backyard

It's here--no, it isn't
But I want it to be here
I want the magic to be at my disposal
all the time
Not just when I go for a visit.

I don't want to visit the magic
Go on vacation to experience it.
I want to have it with me here,
all the time.

Last week, I decided I wanted to find that magic. So my boys and I wnet for a nature walk in our backyard. It's kind of a jungle out there; we haven't done anything with it yet this year. These are the pictures we took as we discovered the magic in our backyard.

Beautiful flowers (the first two are actually weeds, but aren't they pretty?)

Nature walk 1

Nature walk 2

Nature walk 4

Incredible, amazing, fabulous creatures (also known as my children)

Nature walk 5

Nature walk 6

Nature walk 7

This summer, I'm going to look for the magic that's in my own yard and in my own city. What about you?


Alyosha said...

This reminds me of The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs. Good book.

Nicole said...

sometimes finding magic in the mundane is a superpower all of it's own. I read a book once about trying to find the purpose and spirit of housework. I wish I had the exact quote handy right now-but my life is still all in the back of a moving truck. :) But something along the lines of when we do laundry we are making dirty things clean again, and isn't that what the Savior does? Not that it was implying that we are anything akin to Jesus-but that our work is important and even spiritual.

I think kids naturally find the magic in even ordinary things. Zoey finds "magic rocks" almost daily. I'm trying to be more child-like in that sense. Good luck on your magic seeking summer!

Wow, long comment.

HeidiPie said...

Love that kids find the "flowers" everywhere. You're such a super mom!!

michelle allen said...

your kiddos are super cute!!! love the looks on their faces.