Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Pictures

My bub meditating. 

With the Westminster College griffin. 

Tulips from the backyard.

Smelling the dandelions.

Playing with selfies.

My buddy on Trax.

Hello, eye!

Word tickets.

HUGE dragonfly.

Walking and writing.

My boys at Yellowstone Park. 


Thrift store Marys.

Playing with printmaking and paint. 


Two Buddhas in Sedona.

Last days of summer. 

My boys waiting to take family pictures

Advice from a tea bag. 

At the zoo.

My bub reading. 

Poetry flags in my classroom. 

At Silver Lake.

My favorite trick-or-treaters.

Just looking up. 

Heart in nature.

Playing with bookmaking. 

I won NaNoWriMo!

More clouds.

The tree.

Hand-decorated wrapping paper. 

Frozen yogurt in December. 

Pizza as big as his head.


Hot chocolate stirrers for the family Christmas party. 

A little gift from a student. 

Family Christmas party selfie. 

Blue skies!

Doodled snowflake wrapping paper. 

Ready for bed so Santa will come!

Playing with paint on New Year's Eve. 

Love you, 2014. Thanks for an awesome year!

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