Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you need an ink cartridge?

Because I have a brand new HP 56 that I'm willing to give up for a mere $10 (or if you don't have $10 but would still like it, tell me what you would be willing to do to get it, but it has to be legal).

I bought the wrong one because the husband said one time that he knew that our printer would take a 56 cartridge even though it says on it. So, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and I bought it. And it didn't work. And, of course, he's not here for me to yell at right now so he gets out of having me freak out at him because I believed him and, in the process, wasted my money. (Okay, I was really using his money, but still!)

So, first person to offer me $10 for it will get it. Or the best thing that you would do left in the comment box before Monday night.


Nicole said...

Well, I have an Epson printer...so I'm thinking it won't work so well. But if I DID need it I would be willing to sing Dancing Queen at the top of my lungs, while doing and Irish jig.

Oh wait, I'd do that anyway.

Tony and Whitney said...

I think that's the one my printer will use