Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Quest for Breaking Dawn

The quest for Breaking Dawn began yesterday morning. I leaped out of bed, ready to fight ornery children and morning traffic to be in line at the Sandy Barnes and Noble by 9 o'clock in the morning so I could meet my companions for the day's journey, my brave and fearless friends Amy, Tavia, and Whitney, as well as Amy's sister Heather.

As I drove up to the Barnes and Noble in my noble Ford Escort, I was shocked by the sight of a long line of faithful Twilight warriors.



But I was not to be thwarted and I stood, tall and true, as I waited to get the first token that would open the world of Breaking Dawn to me--a red wristband with the magical number 11 on it and the even more fabulous number 2, which would indicate to the wizards of the cash registers that I was allowed to obtain two copies of the book.



After a quick nap to restore my energy, I dressed in my uniform consisting of black capris and a black t-shirt which read, "My *heart* belongs to my husband but Edward can have my neck!" After a short delay at the in-laws, I drove to meet Amy, Heather, and Heather's friend Tiffany so we could drive down to the valley known as Happy for our Breaking Dawn celebration, held at the castle (and I'm not really exaggerating that fact) of Tavia's sister. There, we feasted on a delicious catered meal and chocolatey delights before we began the games of the evening, which only showed me that my Twilight trivia skills were weak, so very weak. I was proud however, that I was able to answer the question of who said this line, "I was standing right next to you, Bella." It was my Edward, of course!










While at the celebration, we were all blessed with the presence of Edward, who allowed us to take our picture with him.





We were then off, with Amy, Heather, Tiffany, and Tavia all leaving with prizes beyond compare, such as tote bags and magnets and a coffee mug. We drove to the Sandy Barnes and Noble, which we believed to be our final destination on our quest, and put on the magical wristbands so we could claim the Holy Grail of the evening--our very own copies of Breaking Dawn. However, exhaustion had begun to set in, and the four of us were unwilling to push our way into the crowd of frenzied warriors to catch the bouquet.



We then found ourselves thwarted by who we had believed to be the wizards of the cash register; they were holding us all hostage, yelling at us to be quiet or no one would receive their prize, and locking out our faithful companions, Tavia and Whitney. Tavia and Whitney, however, were not defeated, and they went in search for other sources of the elusive Breaking Dawn. It was 12:30 in the morning and the evil cashiers were only on number 6! The chaos was unimaginable and the grumbling among the warriors smelled of mutiny. Amy, Heather, Tiffany, and I were starting to murmur as well, and words that I usually do not use in polite company were on the tip of my tongue.

It was then that we received the fateful call from Whitney; she had obtained her own copy of Breaking Dawn at...

Walmart! Yes, the land known as Walmart was selling copies of Breaking Dawn for less than $14.00 and they had enough copies for all. We ran out of Barnes and Noble, breaking from the spell of the place as we wripped off the cursed wristbands and handed them to others who wanted to take our places. As we left, a knight on a black stallion yelled out the window, "We got ours at Walmart!" We were off!

We met Whitney at the Walmart in South Jordan as she held as many copies of the book as she could...which was only four because they would only let her hold four. We made sure that each Twilight warrior and her own copy, and the kind wizard at Walmart took our picture for posterity.


We then all traveled weak and exhausted to our own homes. Almost too tired to read...almost.


Andria said...

Wow! It's amazing what I can accomplish on only four hours of sleep! I should always write when I'm exhausted.

Andria said...

This is amazing!

Andria said...

You're so awesome, Andria!



Nicole said...

You crack me up! That looks quite the party you went to!!! Who knew? Wrist bands just to buy a book.

Sounds like a lot of effort, considering you'll be done reading it by tomorrow and I'll just come borrow it on Monday. :)

My neighbor got a copy of it last Wednesday. Apparently the stupid stockers at Smith's put them out the day it came in on the truck and a bunch of people snatched them up before they got in trouble and had to pull them.

Andria said...

Oh, I wish I had been at that Smith's! I'm taking a break from the book right now. I'm 340 pages into it and I'm starting to feel depressed about not having something to look forward to after I've finished reading it.

HeidiPie said...

Amazingly brilliant. What a wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading it! You're hillarious.

Megs said...

That was an awesome post!!!!

I got my book and I was so happy. since i didn't think there would be any left when we got there in the afternoon. You can even ask Isaac, I had a stupid dorky smile on my face for the rest of the day, even as I read it. I am feeling sad now that I have finished it and am craving more.... this can't be the last book!!!! AAAAHHHH. Guess I will just have to read it again! :)