Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Puddle Person

So, you may, or may not, have heard that the Wonderful Husband is coming home on Saturday for about 12 days. And I'm excited, but I'm also nervous. I just wonder what we'll be like now. We've both changed and probably for the better. I'm kind of getting used to being alone and making sure that everything is done the way I want. I'm not so reliant on him for emotional support and I'm definately not as moody as I used to be (which I don't think has much to do with him being gone and more to do with the fact that I haven't been on the Pill for over a year). And he's learned that he can accomplish something huge and he's had to be a whole lot cleaner than he used to be.

So, I wonder, "Will we both be so different that we won't know how to act around each other?" Is the whole thing with him being home going to be awkward? Or, even worse, are we going to fall back into our old patterns of him watching sports and me getting mad about stupid stuff?

And then there is the other thing that I'm concerned about. Again, I've gotten used to him being gone, but, after 12 days, will I be used to him being here? And when he leaves again, will I become a puddle person? You know, will I melt into a puddle of tears and not be able to pull myself out again? Will I have to start finding happiness by myself all over again?

The husband goes back on the 24th. I guess I'll let you know by the 25th...if I can pull myself out of the puddle.


HeidiPie said...

I think you'll remember why you love him so much when he comes home.

Andria said...

I'm sure you're right.

orangemily said...

How exciting that he'll be home for a visit! It'll probably be an adjustment, but that's a good thing.
I think since you've learned to do things on your own you'll bounce right back.

Megs said...

That's great that he gets to spend some time at home. Things will probably be great. Though ackward (is that the right word) for a day or two, as you both adjust to being together again. I don't know how you do it.

Abby said...

Hi old compy. I am so happy to have discovered your blog. I sure wish you would have gone to the mission reunion because I actually made it to this one! Maybe next time.
You are one strong gal for having your hubby gone and being a single mom for the time being. That seems like it would be way too hard for me. I always knew you were stronger than me though.
Love your writing. Cuidate.

Megs said...

I have tagged you on my blog. Check it out!

Nicole said...

I remember when Mike and I were dating and I went away for 2 weeks. When I went back to see him when I got home I was so nervous I was actually shaking. What if he didn't like me anymore? What if he found somebody else why I was gone. What if? What if? But all my fears were unfounded. The moment I knocked on his door he swept me into his arms and gave me a big kiss! (our first kiss, I might add) No adjustment time needed. I don't think there is any need to worry!

and you won't be a puddle person when he leaves again either because you know now how strong you are and that you do what you have to do. And you know that you'll have lots of help and support of loving friends and family should you need it!

Andria said...

Thanks, everyone, for your words of encouragement. Now I just hope that he makes his connecting flights as it seems that his first flight has been delayed 1.5 hours.