Sunday, October 19, 2008

TSH--The Husband's New Name

So, my uncle Gary was harrassing me (in a nice, uncley sort o' way) about calling the husband "the husband," and suggested, instead, that I call him "The Husband." (Do you see the difference. Yes, it's a subtle one.) So, I was going to do that until I came up with a new nickname for The Husband. Introducting...

Tasty Soldier Husband (a.k.a. TSH).

If any of you watch Scrubs (yes, it's one of my guilty pleasures), you already know all about TCW. And if you don't, well, don't worry about it; not knowing what it means certainly won't affect your eternal salvation. But it did give me the idea for TSH.

I wanted to take a picture of TSH in his dress uniform today, but he took it off before I had a chance because a button had come off and now he'll have to replace it. I hope I can get a pic before he leaves on Friday.


Hollie said...

I love that tree in the back ground. Where is it at Temple square? If that is the answer I will die.

orangemily said...

It is Temple Square hollie, please don't die!
Ha ha ha Tasty Coma Wife. I love Scrubs! I'm glad it inspired Seth's new moniker.

Garmon said...

Excellent!! I was going to also suggest that you TM-the old name. (i.e., The Husband™), but TSH™ actually looks even MORE AWESOME!

Let's hear it for gratuitous superscript usage!

I have one other question for TSH™: Are you required to wear your uniform all the time when you're on leave? What's the regs on that?

Oh, and for those who are keeping track of such things; yes, I have been slacking in the blog post department. I have a pile of stuff stacked up and will be doing my part soon.

Andria said...

I'll answer for TSH. He wasn't really on "leave." It was kind of a working leave, I guess, and he had to go into the recruiting station almost everyday he was here. So, the day Kevin got married, we went to the temple for pictures and I then had to drop TSH off in Sandy for the rest o' the day. Then, I picked him up from the recruiting center and brought him down to the reception. So, that's why he was in uniform.