Thursday, June 11, 2009

Artfest 2009, Part 2

Okay, seriously, I should be able to figure this out. I have a graduate degree, after all. But these are all backwards again. So, please start at the bottom and then scroll up. That's the way they should be seen.

My finished blocks are at the top of this and the paper has my poem from the first day. On the last night of Artfest, everyone brings something they created and they have Show and Tell. I have soooo many pictures from that night. I had to keep deleting pictures of my kids in order to take all of the pictures I did. So many inspiring works! Oh, and I had already saved the other pictures of the kids on the computer at home.

Another shot of my workspace and unfinished blocks.

Here's my workspace on my 3rd day with Karen O'Brien. It was tons of fun making these little collage blocks! She has the easiest, most awesome ways to make backgrounds. I can't wait to get into my studio and play some more with making them.

Here's the journal I made. I almost gave up at one point, but Pam came to my rescue.

Here's my second workshop, where we created a journal with Pam Garrison. Pam is standing there at the front table, on the right.

Things we gathered from the beach in empty matchboxes. I wrote one of my poems about the objects in the box on the left.

Here's the word pool we created together and then used in our poetry.

My first workshop was with Susan Wooldridge, the author of Poemcrazy, and this is my workspace that day, filled with word tickets and color chips and art postcards.


orangemily said...

Looks fun!

HeidiPie said...

Cool! Where was this at? I'm glad you already had the pictures on your computer at home...I was thinking..well, that's cool she can take pictures of her kids anytime. But, it's even better they were already saved. =) I like your collage blocks.