Friday, July 10, 2009


Ah, already the 2nd edition of Andria's Really Bad Poetry That Will Make You Want To Throw Up. These two poems were written the summer before I started high school, I think. So, get your bucket ready!

Summer Has No Poetry
The mesquitoes are bitin'
My brothers are fightin'
And I'm mad.
The air is unusually hot
The wind is unusually not
And I'm sad.
My poetry has gone to the birds
My stories are just a bunch of words
And nobody really cares.
I usually write about blue skies
Or this unusually cute guy.
But this summer
Is a real bummer
And that is why.
School Daze
School is about to begin
I think I'm going to take a swim.
Maybe if I put it off to the last minute
I won't have to begin it.
Shopping for school stuff is just fine
But doesn't take a lot of time.
Paper gives you cuts
School food rots your guts.
Pens leak ink.
Gym shoes stink.
At least I still have a couple of weeks.
So, now that I'm writing these, I hope that when you're reading my poetry that I actually think is good that you're not thinking, "Hmm, I don't see much difference..."


Anonymous said...

You crack me up!
I'm actually loving your really bad poems. They speak of a place and time. They are playful and really quite hilarious. Don't throw them away. Paste them in a journal and keep writing delightfully bad poetry. It's wonderful.

Annj said...

That is so funny. I am glad you kept those. Oh boy, the thoughts of teenage girls...

natalie said...

Ok so if that is your worst poetry, then I just laugh because those would be equal to my best poems. They really make me laugh. Keep up "ARBPTWPMYTU" updates because they make us all laugh. We have all been there and it helps us all remember those good ol' days of high school and college.

Andria said...

I'm glad you all laughed at my poetry. If you're laughing, it's hard to throw up.

I'm going to have a new edition of ARBPTWPMYTU this week, so enjoy a day or two more of bad poetry-free days.