Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Worthy Cause

There are so many worthy causes out there, but I hope you'll take a few minutes and read about a woman who needs life-saving treatment for her cancer and whose insurance company has denied the treatment.

Artist Kelly Rae Roberts has written on her blog about Megan and the effort to raise $100,000 by August 1 so Megan can get the treatment she needs. I hope, if you're able, that you'll donate a few dollars to the cause. If money is tight, which it is for so many of us right now, and you're unable to donate, please include her and her family in your prayers.

Just so you know, I'm not usually the kind of person who just donates money for people I don't even know. I don't put my extra change in the container at the store for one cause or another. I don't usually donate a dollar to Primary Children's Hospital when the cashier asks if I want to. But for some reason, this cause has touched me. I hope if you're able that you'll donate a few dollars too.

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