Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ARBPTWPMYTU 3rd Edition: Sucky Sonnet #1

Oh, Shakespeare! I dedicate this edition of ARBPTWMYTU to you. You were my muse when I wrote this sucky sonnet in high school. I hope this putrid poetry doesn't make you turn in your grave.

We Should Chew Our Cud More Eagerly
We are herded like stock into the school
And forced to sit day after day "learning"
Math, reading, and Society's rules
But inside the wheels are quickly turning.
We are shaped into what our herders need
Grazing on literature and science
Letting one bull erroneously lead
Us into an unfriendly alliance.
Then Graduation Day comes so quickly
And we are no longer cows in the herd.
We leave our pastures, almost bitterly
Then we fly away as light as bird.
We become ther herder, herding our Youth.
And our only intentions are to soothe.
Okay, come on! I have three different metaphors for students in this poem (are "we" cows, birds, or shepherds?) and my rhymes are so forced I had to tie them up and beat them to make them work. Shakespeare, my muse, I won't be surprised if you pretend not to know me when I meet you in the life after this one.


KASH said...

I must be easily pleased because I was very amused by your poetry! It almost inspires me to write my own poetry! :)

Annj said...

I liked it too. I thought it was pretty good I have never been much of a poetry expert, but the idea was neat.