Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Writing Challenge #1 and a Giveaway!

So, this year I want to throw out some writing challenges. Hopefully they will be every week, but they might not be; we'll just have to see how it goes.

Hot topic on the writing blogs right now is writing resolutions. I already said that I'm not going to make resolutions this year, so I'm going to make goals instead. (Do you see the difference? It's slight, I know--Okay, there's no difference. Stop mocking me!)

Here I go (and these are in no particular order):
  • Write every day. Even if it's just for ten minutes a day, I'm going to write everyday.
  • Finish the first draft of my novel and work through it at least once.
  • Publish an actual article in a Stampington & Co. magazine.

Your challenge is to make a comment on this post telling me what your writing goal for the year is. It may be that you want to write in your journal every day or even once or twice a week. Or you could make a goal to blog more. Maybe it's to take a writing class or to start a notebook of favorite lines from novels. Whatever it is, leave your comment here. On Friday, I'll have a drawing for a cool journal to help you start on your writing goal.

Woohoo, writing!


Megs said...

Okay, I'm not at all a great writer. And I will never be one most likely. But I do want to keep my journal more up to date, and my blog (which I probably should do soon) so that my family that is farther away knows what we are doing.

Annj said...

My writing goal is to write in my bookof my children's silly sayings more often and to keep up on their baby books (that is writing isn't it).

HeidiPie said...

My writing goal is to write while doing my scripture study. I haven't done that for a long time, it's overdue and it definitely does help me learn more, or at least remember it more. =)

Andria said...

Those are all great goals. I might have to add a couple to mine.

amanda said...

Um...uh...um...my goal is....(making this up right now) to...(do you feel like your watching a cheesy reality living show and they are trying unsuccessfully to make it suspenseful by forcing pauses and reaction shots?) to write more of those zany ideas and memories that float through my brain every day. If I don't catch them as they go by, they may be gone forever.

Amy L said...

Does this work as a "writing goal" since it's connected to my writing? My goal is to actively attempt to get my novel published without giving in to fear and self-doubt (both of which crop up every couple of days).

Nicole said...

Hi. Remember when I used to actually visit your blog on the day you wrote? Instead of weeks later? Yea well, about that. So I've missed the "deadline" but I'm still going to tell you my writing goal.

I'm actually feeling excited about the children's story I wrote for writing group so, I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm going to finish it, perfect it, and actually attempt to publish it. Because why not? Right?

I know, yoda says do or do not there is no try. So I shouldn't say I'll attempt to publish. I should say I WILL publish. How's that?

Maybe I'll write a few others, too. Maybe. Perhaps. How is that for a definitive goal. mwhahaha