Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dumb Broad

That's what I am according to some random lady at Walmart yesterday. Here's the story:

I took my boys to the store with me because Daniel and Andrew decided that they wanted an alarm clock for their bedroom, so they can get up at the same time I do (oh, joy). We were in the alarm clock aisle, just minding our own business, looking at alarm clocks, when this couple comes strolling down the aisle. They were not, however, looking for alarm clocks, or even anything else on the aisle. Why they were there, I am not sure. My cart, along with the baby, was a little towards the middle of the aisle. When I noticed this couple was trying to pass with their cart, I quickly apologized and moved my cart out of their way. As they walked past, the lady said, not under her breath, but out loud, so I would not mistake what she was saying, "Dumb broad."

I was completely floored. Who calls a random person in the store a "dumb broad" to her face?! Certainly not me or, really, anyone else I know with even a pinky-full of politeness. I admit; my feelings were hurt by a complete stranger. I almost tracked her down to confront her after I recovered from shock, but I decided to let it go.

Now, I'm beginning to think that maybe she had some kind of excuse (not necessarily a good one, but an excuse, nonetheless) for her comment. So, help me out here: give this lady a good excuse for what she said. Be silly. Be outrageous. Maybe be even a little bit rude. I have a feeling she won't be reading my blog and getting offended. I am, after all, just a dumb broad.


amanda said...

Her excuse: When she was a little girl, she was raised by a mother who did not nurture her, or show her the loveliness in life, but rather taught her judgment and self-focus. This little girl watched as her mother hurled insults at anyone who got in her way or did not serve her just as she expected. Her mother never really spoke directly to the little girl, but rather just drug her around by the hand until the hand was old enough not to get lost. Then the little girl just followed and absorbed the example of this unkind and bitter woman. Although occasionally touched by the kindness shown by others, sadly the girl grew up to be just like her mother.

HeidiPie said...

She really has no excuse for talking to my cousin like that. Really...but if we're making excuses it's because she had a real bad day and lost her job and there were one too many people at walmart in her favorite alarm clock aisle. Just call her a little peanut next time. It makes about as much sense as hers.

Nicole said...

See, I think that English is her second language and somehow she thought dumb broad was a compliment. She saw you there being a fantastic mother to 3 little boys and thought wow, I want to be just like that. How can I let this woman know I think she is doing a good job? Because English is her second language she feels uncomfortable starting conversations with people. So she thought, Hey I can just say something as I walk past and maybe she will get the idea.

In her head what she meant to say was "awesome mom" and it was a language barrier that made you hear "dumb broad"

see, all a simple misunderstanding.

I'm sure if she were to read your blog and realize she actually hurt your feelings she would be devastated.

Kendra Leigh said...

You didn't hear the first part of her comment: "I'm a...."

Andria said...

Thank you, all! I think I can now let this issue rest knowing what a hard life this lady has had. And, of course, I just totally misunderstood what she was saying, the little peanut.

orangemily said...

I think you only heard a blip of her conversation, she was clearly ranting about her mother-in-law.

Disclaimer: I have an awesome MIL, so no one take this the wrong way.

Andria said...

Emily, I read your comment and I started wondering about your MIL and what she's like...and then I realized I know your MIL because she's my aunt. Whoa. I think I might need to go to bed now.