Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I'm eating a bag of crazy bread

I checked my email during 3rd period today and noticed that I received a message from the college I applied to for grad school. It was an automated message telling me that the decision for my application had been made and that I could view it online.

I shouldn't have opened it.

It was the standard form letter: "All of our applicants are wonderful and thank you for applying, but you really weren't as wonderful as everyone else and, on top of that, we think you need a haircut." Okay, that wasn't exactly what was said, but just about.

At first I just cried, all the while trying to look like I wasn't crying because I didn't really want to sob wildly in front of my ESL kids. Then I moved on to wanting to go down to that there school and use all of the four letter words I know, such as "darn" and "heck", to give them a piece of my mind. But I am holding myself back, because I keep thinking of Great-great-grandpa Brigham looking down on me, shaking his head, as I yell profanities at the university that carries his name.

So, I went to Little Caesars and bought pizza for the boys and when they offered me a second bag of Crazy Bread for just 99 cents, I didn't even bat an eyelash. I am now drowning my sorrows in Crazy Bread. Yes, I just finished off an entire bag of grease-laden Crazy Breadsticks, and I washed it down with a caffeine-free diet Dr. Pepper (and I already want another one).

I'm trying really, really, really hard to believe that there is something out there for me that's bigger and better, something more suited to what I want to do with the rest of my life. And I keep telling myself that it's been nice to have something to occupy my mind in these last months other than the day-to-day mundane realities of teaching and mommying. And of course I tell myself that I would have regretted it if I had given up and not finished the process (which I truly did feel like doing on numerous occasions).

However, I'm really just hoping to have the ultimate revenge by writing the great American novel and then making a note in the acknowledgements that the university's rejection letter is what spurned me on to finish my ground-breaking work. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!



Amy Jo said...

Your novel is awesome, and I'll join you in giving BYU a big kick in the pants!!!

HeidiPie said...

Hahaha, loved that last line. I really think you should write a fantasticly awesome book. Sorry about not getting into grad school...I would've shared that bag with, I would've bought my own bag and ate mine while you ate yours. Those things are GOOD! Here's to whatever comes next for you to be awesome!

orangemily said...

Yeah, Rich also got a pre-fab rejection letter from said University because he had too many credits to transfer in to their Animation program. It's annoying, but Crazy Bread sure is yummy!

amanda said...

Come to Arfest, darlin'. Let it all out in creative flow.
If only it were next week!

Tony and Whitney said...

I love you! Your entries make me smile.

Joe said...

How 'bout a poetry collection, mi'ja?

Andria said...

@ Amy Jo: (he he! Amy Jo!) Thank you for being willing to kick BYU in the pants with me.

@ Heidi: You need to move back here so we can enjoy Crazy Bread together! (But really, when are you coming back? We miss you.)

@ Emily: I've heard from several people that that school is weird and cliquey and they just want "diversity" from other states. Hello! Are Richard and I not diverse?!

@ Amanda: Right now, Artfest is one of the few things that's keeping me going. I can't wait to be there!

@ Whitney: You always make me smile!

@ Joe: I'm ready when you are, hombre!

Lindsey said...

Gotta love that crazy bread!!!!
Lindsey Petersen

Heather said...

Ugh, that sucks and I know just how you feel. Go on, enjoy the crazy bread! Mmm, that sounds good. I know its almost generic to say, but I believe things like this, even things that make us sad at the time, happen for a reason. In college I had to take an exam to continue my degree plan to go into journalism. It was given once a year and I couldnt continue my classes without passing. Well...I failed it by ONE question. I was devistated. I had to change my major and my life plans because of it. Then literally, a month or two later I met my husband, which probably wouldnt have happened if I'd gone on the other path. And wouldnt you know it...I DID work as a writer AND editor, WITHOUT the journalism degree ;)

SO...keep the faith!!!~

Kendra Leigh said...

Since I'm awaiting grad school acceptance as well I TOTALLY get how you feel! I am so so sorry. I can't wait to read your book (and say that I know you and lived and worked with you!) besitos. Mourn all you want. It's sad.

Andria said...

@ Lindsey: Yep, Crazy Bread is pretty delicious.

@ Heather: I totally agree with you. It just took a couple days for me to get over it, and now I'm ready to move on to a new plan. I really do believe that there is something really exciting out there for me.

@ Kendra: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! And when I become a famous author, I can come to New York to visit you!

Nicole said...

Okay, Hi. Yea. I take, on average, 2 months to catch up on my blog reading. So the fact that I'm only reading this post a couple weeks late should be a sign of how much I love you. :)

How is it that we only live a few streets away and I still feel miles from you?

Sorry I didn't get this news sooner. Sorry I wasn't there with chocolate to go along with your crazy bread. Sorry I STILL haven't brought by your tremendously inspiring Christmas present(yes, Christmas!) that I made for you, but that sits on the ledge in my family room inspiring me. :)

You know, such is life.