Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The "Let's Talk" Blogfest

So, I've decided to jump into the blogfest world with the "Let's Talk" Blogfest. The only requirement was to post a piece of dialogue to my blog. This is super-scary for me as I've only ever shared some of my fiction with the online world, and a bunch of strangers commented on it. But I know you lovely people will be kind, so I'm going to do it.

What I've posted below is the most recent bit of dialogue I've written for my current WIP with the working title of Robinella. (Can I italicize the title of a book if it isn't published yet? I don't know, but I'm going to anyway.) Louise has just been given a pair of fur-lined boots from Philip, the man who has hired her to steal back something that belongs to his lord.

“I’ve never felt anything like it.” She ran her fingers through the fur again. Philip smiled.

“What kind of fur is it?”


Louise gasped and pulled back from Philip as he reached for her foot. “But squirrel…that’s for the nobility to wear, not me.” Philip shook his head.

“You’ve more noble blood in you than Cashil,” he stated, “and look what she was wearing the night of the festival. And you must look the part when you arrive there. Winter will be coming on soon enough; it won’t be odd for you to be wearing boots. Come,” he beckoned for her foot, “let’s see how they fit.” Louise held her foot out to him and he slid the boot on. “Ah, perfect. Like a—”

“Fur-lined glove,” she finished his sentence, turning leg to take in the full effect of the boot. The soft leather was just a shade lighter than Philip’s eyes, and delicate flowers had been embroidered up the side on both boots, which would have required a strong, steady, yet creative hand. Philip was watching Louise, and she looked away. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Philip shook his head. “No, they’re from Nancy. I believe that my—” he paused and looked as if he’d forgotten what he was going to say, “—my lord’s mother gave her the materials to have a pair of boots made for Nancy’s daughter when she married.

“So they belong to Nancy’s daughter.” Louise had a difficult time believe that the harsh woman had ever had children but refrained from sharing that thought with Philip.

Philip spoke again, and Louise was glad she’d held her tongue. “Aye, they did, before she died.”
He looked into Louise’s eyes. “Taking her newborn baby girl with her.” Louise’s heart sunk. The horrid woman had lost her daughter in the same way Louise had lost her mother. The gift of the boots and that bit of knowledge made it harder for Louise to hate her.

Okay, so that's it! 330 words from my WIP Robinella. I hope you enjoyed it!


HeidiPie said...

I really did enjoy it, actually it was a fun read.

Charity Bradford said...

Your conversation flows really well. Great job.

Amy Jo Lavin said...

I love that only nobility can wear squirrel! Such a unique characteristic of your imaginary society. When do I get to read more???

Liza said...

I thought the conversation flowed, and my imagination chased after it. Wish I knew more.

Anndrea said...

I loved it. I am really excited to read more. You certainly do have the talent. Good luck with the rest of the book. I am looking forward to it being published.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I was drawn immediately into this scene. Your writing style is fluid and engaging. I noticed a theme emerging as I read, of things ordinary in our real world having extraordinary meaning in your make-believe world: Squirrel fur for nobility, the name "Nancy" for a revered person...Interesting!

Write Chick said...

Great balance of dialogue with description. Really easy to picture. Great read.

RaShelle said...

Very sweet. Louise and her squirrel-fur boots. I'd like to know more.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

It truly kept my interest and was fun. Your conversation snared me and kept my interest. I wanted to turn the page. Great job, Roland.

Come check out my entry, will you?

Tara said...

Oh, I enjoyed throroughly, I assure you. This flowed beautifully, drew me right in. The dialogue was great.

Amalia T. said...

Very interesting scene! I think your dialogue flows really well, and the squirrel bit was a nice detail!

prashant said...

it was a fun read.
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Nicole said...

wow! look how many comments you got! You don't need my tiny, insignificant comment. But I'm going to leave one anyway. :) Better late then never, right?

Oh, what's that you say? Never is better. Oh, hum. Well, I'll try not to be late next time and I'll leave one this time anyway and just beg forgiveness for being so late! :)

I know everybody already said that they loved that squirrel fur for nobility was a great touch. But it's true. I love that.

I so need to write more! You are inspiring me again. At this rate you'll be published LONG before I am and we're supposed to be published together! :)