Monday, May 17, 2010

Page-a-day Challenge

I heard the call and I answered. I'm going to do the Page-a-day Challenge. The rules simply include that I write only one page a day (admittedly, I'll probably write more than that some days, but at least one page a day) and that I keep track of my days here on my blog and/or Twitter.

I missed out yesterday because I was traveling, but I did write two pages on Saturday, May 15, the first day of the challenge. And so, it has begun!

May 15: 2 pages
May 17: 2.5 pages
May 18: 1.5 page
May 19: 1 page
May 20: 1.5 pages
May 22: 3 pages

1 comment:

Chas Hathaway said...

Again, a great idea! I'd like to do this, too. Sometimes I get so caught up in proofreading my stuff that I forget to WRITE.