Sunday, May 9, 2010

Washington Trip: Forks

Yes, it's finally here. The Forks edition of my Washington trip.

It's true what they say: it's always raining in Forks. Seriously, as we drove, it was sunny and fairly nice. Port Angeles was fine. But in was raining and cloudy. It really is the pefect place for vampires who sparkle in the sunlight.

Forks: Welcomes You

Well, thank you! I'm excited to be here!

Forks: High School

Gooooooo, Spartans!

Forks: Bella's truck

Why do you think Bella leaves her truck at the visitor's center?

Forks: Bella's House

The Swans' home. I think I see Charlie peaking his head out the window. Oh, no, maybe it's just a shadow.

Forks: Dr. Cullen's parking place

Calling Dr. Cullen! There are some ladies in the parking lot taking pictures of your parking space!

Forks: The Cullens' House

There's Emmett walking into the Cullens' house.

Forks: A note at the Cullens'

I have to wonder how the Cullens feel about having people stay in their house while they're gone. And how people staying in the bed and breakfast feel about staying in the home of vampires.

If you're planning your own trip to Forks, check out Amy's article on Associated Content.


Amy Jo Lavin said...

Maybe you should have stayed at the Cullen's and let us know! :) Great photos! Thanks for leaving a link to my article.

orangemily said...

I love the pictures!