Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fat Tuesday: Go ahead. You deserve something pretty today.

So, last week, I received an email with a link to Sarah Jenks' program Live Well Weigh Less, and I have to tell you, it looks pretty darn cool. If you sign up for the free training, you'll get access to four videos of varying lengths and, quite honestly, varying degrees of usefulness.

However, there were a few things that really resonated with me. And a few things I've always wanted to do. And I'll let you watch the videos, because I don't want to steal Sarah's content, but one little thing she said was to buy yourself flowers every week.

On Tuesday, I ran into the grocery store for peanut butter and bread for my kids' lunches and was stopped by the small floral area which actually has a lot of different bouquets for really great prices. So I bought four to make two arrangements (confession: I don't actually know how to arrange flowers, so my pics might make you cringe a little). One is for my front room (which I actually cleaned and then rearranged the furniture on the autumnal equinox):

Flowers from someone special
And another for my bedroom:

Roses from someone special

What's does this have to do with Fat Tuesday? 

Simply put, my friends, we all deserve to have beautiful flowers. No matter our body size or shape or our level of health. We deserve to enjoy all of the lovely things, all of the wonderful, fun experiences, this world has to offer us. And we don't have to wait until we're our "perfect" size in order to have and enjoy those things. We really can have them now. 

Friends, have you been waiting for the "perfect" moment to do that fun activity? Or go to that store? Or eat at that restaurant? Guess what? That perfect moment is now! (Okay, not right now. Finish reading this then go get in your car.) 

So, what're you going to do right now instead of waiting for that perfect moment? 

You Deserve Beauty

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