Friday, June 27, 2008

Do Eat This!

Wednesday, as we were sitting in the Orlando Airport waiting for our delayed plane sitting right next to a Ben & Jerry's stand, Amy told me about "Phish Food." When I went to the store yesterday, I saw that Ben and Jerry's was on sale 4 for $10, so I found the Phish Food, but I decided to pick up the Light instead of the full fat, full calories stuff because I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to stop at the recommended serving size of 1/2 a cup. And it was yummy!

The ice cream itself is this wonderful soft, smooth chocolate concoction and then they've swirled marshmellow cream and caramel in with little chocolate fish. And it was difficult to stop eating. I ate about half of it last night and then the other half for breakfast. And now I need to start my diet.

So, if you have to choose between the Lean Cuisine Pesto Chicken Flatbread sandwich and the Ben and Jerry's Light Phish Food, choose the Phish Food.


Nicole said...

i dunno, I was really leaning towards the pesto flat bread....I mean you gave it such a stellar review.

orangemily said...


Kristin said...

OOhh my, you have no clue how much I love love love ben and jerrys phish food ice cream..and you have just made me soo much happier becaue I had no clue that it came in "light"...but yeah, isn't that THE GREATEST ice cream?

HeidiPie said...

I must agree some of those lean cuisine's are pretty good. I saw a whole case of pesto flat bread at Target the other day and steered myself away. I am definitely going to try the phish food ice cream though. That sounds REALLY yummy, too yummy to pass up.