Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nathan Gordon

Yesterday, we were all in the car, with the three boys crammed into the back with the baby's car seat and the others' booster seats, on our way to a special place we like to call McDonald's when I heard Daniel talking to the baby and calling him "Nathan Edward." He then said that we should call the baby "Nathan Gordon."

At first I couldn't figure out why Daniel wanted to call the baby Nathan Gordon. And then it hit me and I started laughing: Daniel thinks of this Edward when he says Nathan Edward, not this Edward, who the baby is actually named after.

I think I'll let them believe for a while that the baby is named after one of Thomas' friends. After all, it's probably less traumatic to believe that you're named after a very useful steam engine rather than a blood-sucking vampire.


Nicole said...

well, he is a "vegetarian" vampire.

Andria said...

True. But Edward the engine is very useful.

Megs said...

hahahaha... I find that very funny. Cute!