Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Goodbye, Maternity Clothes. I Won't Miss You!

I just put all of my maternity clothes up for auction on Ebay. I'm so excited to be rid of them!
*update* Someone use Buy It Now and bought the whole lot for $75! Yipee!


Nicole said...

i still have mine in my basement in a box. mostly because i'm too lazy to ebay them and they are out of sight out of mind. although a gal at church is pregnant with her first and i just offered them to mine may be gone soon, too.

Andria said...

I'm even more excited for Nathan to start growing out of his clothes because I am done storing little boy clothes. They're going to the DI as soon as he grows out of them.

Deana Pearse said...

That's nice! You know, one of the great ideas brought about by maternity clothes, is selling them after giving birth. Or, if you have talents in sewing, why not turn them into smaller or better fitting sizes, so you can wear them again? Best of all, however, someone bought the whole lot!