Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Shopping Therapy

Ah, shopping. It is truly one of the greatest therapies in the world. I think it might cost as much as a therapist sometimes as well.

Today, I went to the Downtown Salt Lake Farmers' Market (yes, again!). We didn't spend as much time there today as we did last time, but we'll be going back again soon. I did manage to spend some money there, however. Things I won't show you pictures of are my raspberries and blueberries (they got a little squished) and the scone from Great Harvest (because it's in my tummy now). I also got some more pico de gallo from Rico along with some cheese tamales and I bought some delicious pesto sauce from Liberty Heights (yes, it is a bit expensive, but I figure I can mix it with some more tomatoes and make it last longer and, dang it!, I'm eating alone (I'm not counting the children since one of them only drinks formula and a little rice cereal and the other two live totally on pizza, chicken nuggets, and toast with butter and jam) so I'm going to eat yummy stuff.


I met a great lady who sells the cutest pillowcase dresses for little girls (once again, I'm a little jealous of those of you with girls; I was so tempted to buy one for my neice) and other items. I bought a receiving blanket that has a vintage fabric on one side and super-soft flannel on the other.


She has an Etsy store at Vintage Fern, so you should check out her fun items. Or, of course, many of you who read my blog live close enough that you could go to the farmers' market yourself and buy her items in person.

After the Farmers' Market, we ran to the Don Aslett store (not as much fun as the Farmers' Market, but I did get some stuff to clean my bathroom with and some microfiber cloths) and then I ran into Roberts to buy a lamp that I had been thinking of since I saw it on Thursday (which is when we first went to the Don Aslett store, but it was closed because of Pioneer Day). And the lamp was on sale! Yipee! The original price was $60, but I got it for $24. Nice! I love when you get exactly what you want and get it on sale. The lamp is part of the redecorating of my bedroom, so I won't take a picture of it until I finish my room, or come close because I don't know how long it will take me to do my quilt.

We made one last stop at The Quilted Bear. We went there on Thursday as well, but our trip was cut short (and you know how long you can spend in the Quilted Bear if you've ever been there before), so we went back today. I bought a couple more things for my room (once again, I'm not going to show you yet :D), and got even more inspiration (I took pictures so I could actually remember things I want).





Ah, it was a good day. It was nice to get my mind off all of stuff and just enjoy a day of shopping with my mom.

Oh, and if you ever go to The Quilted Bear and decide to eat at the little Hungry Bear cafe in there and if you decide to get the Navajo Taco because you want some yummy frybread slathered in meat and cheese and sour cream, don't be too surprised when your food comes out and your Navajo Taco turns out to be served on a piece of white, homemade bread. It was a little disappointing. It was still good, but it was disappointing.


Nicole said...

Navajo Tacos on top of regular bread? Who taught them how to cook???? That's just wrong I tell ya!

orangemily said...

That Navajo Taco sounds VERY disappointing! Seriously, bread?
On the bright side getting exactly what you want on sale is wonderful!!

Andria said...

Yeah, getting the lamp for a lot less than I thought I would made up for the bread Navajo Taco.