Thursday, January 1, 2009

The 12 Troubles of Christmas

Okay, I have to start out saying that Christmas really was quite lovely, and, overall, the holiday break has been very nice. But it seems that I've had a few more "troubles" over the past week and a half than I would like. Some of the troubles were mere annoyances. A couple were a little more excrutiating. And I don't know if there were 12. Why don't we count them and see?

1. The snow. I hate driving in the snow! Before my accident last January and then getting stuck in a snowbank on my way to work on Valentine's Day, I hated driving in the snow. Now I despise driving in the snow and sometimes I even think about not going to work when it is snowing (it hasn't happened yet, but don't rule that out). So, I am counting the snow as one of the troubles of Christmas because it took me about an hour and a half to get home from school after we got out for the break on the 19th. Then I got stuck about 4 times between my in-laws' house and our apartment. What usually takes me about 5 minutes took 15-20 minutes to get home.

However, on the positive side, it didn't snow on Saturday and there were no problems picking up TSH from the airport.

2. The food. I had decided to make waffles for Christmas breakfast. Mmm, waffles.... Oh, where was I? Oh, yeah. Christmas breakfast. So, I started making the waffles using my trusty Krusteaz belgian waffle mix and instead of actually reading the package, I instead decided that it needed 1 1/3 c of oil instead of 1 1/3 c of water. Just so you know, even if you decide to add a little more mix and some water to the batter, it will not work! Instead, it will leave a mess in your belgian waffle maker that you will have to clean out later on. I guess I should do that today.

Another food related trouble is that I ate too much junk food and I was sick for a couple of days. That was totally my own fault. I'll take the blame for that. But who can resist all of those yummy goodies?!

Yet another food related trouble is when we took the boys to IHOP and Andrew had a fit the entire time and refused to eat anything and spent about a half hour embarrassing me.

But TSH and I went out to dinner by ourselves one night (thanks to the parents for taking the boys for the entire night!) at The Training Table, and it was delightful.

3. The movie. TSH and I decided to take the boys out to see The Tale of Despereaux Christmas morning. And while we were there, the power surged and went out at the theater, so we only saw about a half hour of the movie. We were given passes to go back later, which we finally did on Saturday. But the theater was freezing and I forgot my blanket in the car! (I had remembered it on Christmas.) The manager said that ever since the power outage, they hadn't been able to warm up that theater. Lovely.

But on the happy side, we did get to finish seeing the tale of the little mouse and TSH and I went and saw Twilight (1st time for him, 3rd time for me). And it was still totally awesome!

4. The ouchies. After we gave up on the movie on Christmas Day, we all got into the car and drove to my parents' house. Unfortunately, before I got in the car, I hit my head and it hurt so bad I thought I was going to have a concussion. No conussion, fortunately, but I did have a bruise on my head until about, oh, yesterday.

Then, early Monday morning (about 3:30), Nathan woke up and I decided to be nice and let TSH sleep (that was my mistake right there!), so I got up and fixed Nathan a bottle. I then decided to sit on the couch for a little bit because my stomach was making some rumbling noises (see #2. The food). After about a half hour of watching QVC sell canes and other items to people who need some help moving about the house, I turned off the TV, got up off the couch, slipped on some Christmas toy packaging that had yet to be thrown away, and hurt myself so badly that I wondered if I would have to go to the doctor. I was sure that I had screwed up my knee and I couldn't get off the floor by myself (fortunately , TSH had heard "a scream" and then noticed I wasn't in bed, so he came to find me, or else who knows when I would have been found). Good news, I didn't screw up my knee. Bad news, I did pull a muscle in my leg and it's now Thursday and I'm just starting to walk normally...and it still hurts. It's a good thing that we live on the bottom floor and that we don't have any stairs or I would be in big trouble. I'm not handling stairs very well yet.

And now I wish I had bought that cane that rolled which I saw on QVC just before I got hurt. I could probably use one right now.

And there is no good side to the ouchies. Except maybe that I didn't end up in the emergency room for either of them.

Alright, so maybe there weren't 12 troubles of Christmas, but what kind of post title would "The 4 Troubles of Christmas" be?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you didn't ruin the waffles or do yourself bodily harm.

And to all a goodnight!


Hollie said...

Wow!!! I hope you are ok. We were supposed to have food delivered yesterday so that we can have a good new years and a good breakfast. It didn't come. And we are still waiting for it. Oh well UPS is on my hate list right now. It is a good think that mom and I bought stuff couple days ago, what we bought was barely enough for us, because we were relaying on for food to be delivered to us. Hope your year is much better

HeidiPie said...

Since we're telling of Christmas troubles. My two kids were sick and Allie threw up at midnight all over her Christmas jammies and bed. We were up for an hour putting her and Luke back to bed. Took Luke to the Dr the day after and he had two ear infections...ouch.

Nicole said...

I was throwing up for 2 days after Christmas. It was horrible. But at least it wasn't the kids. I am old enough to make it to the bathroom. With the kids you always end up having to clean up beds and floors and clothes. Yuck!

And we were without power for 7 hours on christmas day. 7 Hours! My rolls rose and then fell before I had power to cook them. arg!

Glad you didn't break anything!

Andria said...

Ahh, reading of others' problems just make mine seem so much...not as bad. Thanks, all!

orangemily said...

Wow, I feel like I need to write a 12 Joys of Christmas just to recover from that!