Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blog Tour

And now, if you'll please direct your attention to the right-hand side of the blog, you will see two new "WIP" (or Work in Progress) widgets. These widgets will show you the progress Andria has recently made on two novels she's currently working on. Yes, you, in the back, with the red shirt and flip-flops?

Um, yeah, can you tell us anything about these novels she's working on?

Well, Andria's pretty private about what she writes. Whether this is from her fear that someone will steal her ideas and then go off and make millions of dollars or whether it's from her fear that if she tells someone about what she's writing it will jinx it and she won't be able to complete it, we're unsure. We can tell you these two tidbits about what she's working on: both have strong female protagonists and both of these women have evil stepmothers. Oh, I didn't see your hand raised. You have a question?

Do you know when she'll be finished?

Your guess is as good as mine. And probably just as good as Andria's. Okay, we have time for one more question. Ah, yes, the girl in the Twilight t-shirt. Yes, you.

Do you know who will play Andria in the Lifetime bio-flick?

Rumors have been flying around that Jessica Alba and Meryl Streep have both been vying for the part. The only thing I know for sure is that Andria has threatened to sue the network if they get Dakota Fanning to play her teenager self.

Thank you. That will conclude our tour for the day.


Amy Jo Lavin said...

And the most important question of all: Who will be playing Andria's BFF (aka favorite crit partner)?

Nicole said...

oooo, oooo, I have a question. Pick me, pick me!!!

Has Amy Adams auditioned for the role of her long time friend AND cousin?

AND when will she be meeting again with her Dragon writing group?

what's that you say? That's two questions?

Heather said...

writing is hard! and its hard to share. I wish you the best with it though@!~

HeidiPie said...

hahaha, that was great. I can't wait to pick up your books off the shelf. Just can't wait!!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Ha! Loved how you tackled this post. Very fun.

Congrats on the start of new WIPs! I LOVE starting new stories. Good luck with your progress!