Monday, April 26, 2010

Maybe There Is Enough

A few months ago, I wrote this post as I was wondering if there were enough blessings in the Universe for everyone who asked for them (and, selfishly, for myself in particular). Today, I received this newsletter in my email, which I think answers my question for me. If you all have had a similar thought, please take a minute or two to read it. It certainly gave me hope.

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Nicole said...

I went to one of those let me teach you to make money seminars once (don't ask me why!) but the one thing I do remember from it is that the guy did say that there was indeed enough to go around. He was talking specifically about real estate deals and money and that we could all work together as investors and weren't competing and by helping other you were actually helping yourself and lots of other seminar mumbo jumbo BUT I do remember walking away feeling like there really was ENOUGH in the universe to go around. That wanting more didn't need to be a selfish thing as long as I brought others with me on my journey to more. Because more wasn't about money (although the seminar guru would have you think that) It was about a more abundant life. Abundant happiness and love and blessings and joy and bliss.

Anyway-sometimes I just like to go comment on a ton of blogs and then check the box to be emailed when there are new comments because my inbox is lonely and I want to see it say I have 20 new messages. :) Even if they are all just my own comments on somebody else's blogs. Sometimes some of my best writing is comments on other's writing. :)