Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Story First Liners and a Giveaway

About two weeks ago, I had my creative writing class (okay, shameless plug: My next class starts in 2 weeks. If you live in the Salt Lake area and you're interested, please see the link on the right side of my blog) write interesting first lines for stories, and I did the same. I just read through these again tonight and I really *heart* some of them and others, I'm not so in love with. But I started wondering which one really hooks you. Here they are (in no particular order of hearting):
  • Mary Louise wasn't quite sure how she ended up stranded on a deserted highway in the middle of known zombie territory, but she did know she didn't want to become someone's meal.
  • "Why do you think it's okay to call me up at 3 AM, Julie?"
  • The stink from the lake made my stomach turn, and I wished that I hadn't caved in when Pepper offered me that fourth corndog at the fair.
  • "There!" he shouted, pointing to an insignificant dot on the world map.
  • "I didn't say, 'Liberian.' I said, 'Librarian!'" (An homage to this blog post.)
  • She stood between the two teenaged boys, one dark like molasses, the other with honey skin, and pretended she wasn't afraid of either one of them.
  • Peter had crazy Einstein hair and Carrie had the feeling he was channeling more than the scientist's 'do.
  • Her hands flitted through the air, butterflies on the wrist of the flamenco dancer. (Yet another homage to another blog post.)
  • The monkey stood on his stump, hooting and hollering, and Jane had the strangest feeling that she was watching C-Span.
  • The Skittles-colored map lay in front of her as she planned her journey home.

So, which one of these first lines would you like to see, or read, as a longer piece? Vote on one (you can just put the first two words of the post in your comment). Who knows, your vote might influence my next novel (you know, when I finish the other two I'm currently writing).

Here's the giveaway. Tonight I made little "writer's kits" for my last creative writing class. They're not really fancy, but they're a little funny and they have some chocolate in them. I'll post one next week when I announce the winner of the giveaway.


orangemily said...

Peter had . . .

Nicole said...

Oh hey, Hi. I'm a terrible blog follower. Not because I don't want to read what you write. I actually REALLY REALLY do. I just suck at making time these days. My life got all complicate when I started exercising and eating healthy. Because I have to use all the time I used to devote to fun things like reading blogs to exercising and cooking (because little ceasers $5 isn't healthy....go figure)

So, I'm way too late to enter the giveaway, but I'm going to tell you my favorite line anyway because I have this strange notion that you actually care about my opinion. Like you need my opinion. You THRIVE on my opinion. It's this nice little fantasy I keep in my head to make myself feel important.

Okay, I like "She stood between the two teenaged boys, one dark like molasses, the other with honey skin, and pretended she wasn't afraid of either one of them."

But I also like the imagery of the Skittles colored map.

And speaking of creative writing....do Dragons still write???