Friday, August 19, 2011

Helping THINGS Find Their Purpose

My family jokingly (I think) calls me a hoarder. I am not a hoarder. I merely save things until their true purpose, their calling, has been found.

For example:


This styrofoam helped keep some precious purchase safe until it arrived at my house (not that I remember which purchase that was). I knew it had not yet fulfilled its dharma.

Poor shorties

The top of this shelf is the perfect place to put some handmade softies I've bought as well as my Spirit in Flight doll. But it is too deep. *sigh* This is so sad.

Everyone's Happy

With a few swipes of my craft knife, the styrofoam fits perfectly in the niche of my shelf and my shorties have a perfect perch. Everyone is happy!

Including me.


Nicole said...

You're so funny. I'm so glad the universe has you looking out for the little things, helping them find a useful, fulfilling existence.

Maybe you should also be a life coach and help the rest of us find our own useful, fulfilling existence, too. :)

orangemily said...