Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Name Not Ending in "y" Contest

I have a problem. Too many characters in my WiP have names ending in a hard "e" (Merci, Conchi, Lily). So I'm going to have a contest. YOU will re-name my character, Lily.

In the comments, post your suggestion for a girl's name. You can even post your own name, but be forewarned that the girl is a mean girl. She says nasty things about people and people say nasty things about her.

If I choose your name, not only will you be helping me write the book, you'll also win a signed copy of Sarah Dessen's What Happened to Goodbye. Contest is open until Sunday, August 21st 7:00 PM.

Woohoo! This is going to be fun.


mj4toty said...

And I would love to hear more details about your writing, your time in New England, the writing program...just about everything. You have such an exciting life! Sigh. =)

Donnetta said...

Viktoria, Sonja, Eliana, Daniela, just to name a few

Alyosha said...

Mean girl name, huh? Vanessa, Veronica, Evangeline, Lavinia, Tess, Pauline, or Rose.

Tony and Whitney said...

I just heard the name Palmer for a girl. I've always thought Sarah was a mean girl--she was when I was in high school. Heather might work. What about Meg? James for a girl. Jennifer?

HeidiPie said...

Jocelyn, Piper, Marla, Mel, Sarah, Oh Whitney suggested that one. Laura Lynn, Eleanor, Veronica, Victoria, Brita, Pauline, Willow, Phyllis, Clara, Janis, Susan, Jeanette. I really want a copy of that book. =) Angela, Amanda, Barbara, Cynthia, Bridget, Mary, Molly, ....

Megs said...

I don't think Meg would make a very mean girl name, :).

Ashlyn, Judith, Harper, Rachel, Rebecca, Jade, Anna, Leah, Jennifer, Greta, Beatrice, Gertrude, Alicia, Nora.

I could go on and on and on......... but I won't.

Amy Jo said...

You have a couple of votes for Veronica. I like that one too for a mean girl. I also like Allison, Alyssa, Elaina, or Brigette. At least you can't use my name. :)

Good luck! Names are so hard to get just right.

Nicole said...

I heard a writer once say they wander around a cemetery and read grave stones to get name inspiration. He said it also gave him story inspiration, too. Because looking at the names and dates and inscriptions on gravestones, as well taken in context with the surrounding headstones (was it a family plot? Was his wife burred next to him? Or not? Were there several grave stones in a row with very close death dates?) he had a chance to make up the stories of these people.

I like the name Lily-is she a Lily or an Lillian? Simply changing it to Lillian and then ALWAYS calling her Lillian and never the shortened version might work. For some reason in my head the mean girls always have more syllables in their name.

Cruella (3 syllables)
Uruala (3 syllables)
Maleficent (4 syllables)
Medusa (3 syllables)

You get the idea.