Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I think I need a vacation, because I totally flipped out tonight. I don't know what did it; it was probably a combination of several things. It was partially the husband calling while I was on my way home from work to ask, "Are you hungry?" which I took to mean, "What are you going to do for dinner?"; partially finding out that the children had found my Girl Scout cookies and opened one of the boxes (and then me wondering, "What was the husband doing when this happened?"); partially being told that I couldn't talk to the husband very long on the phone because he only had 15 minutes left; partially coming home to the 2, almost 3, year-old crying because we didn't have a fish spoon like Grandma has so he could eat applesauce; and then, partially, the child spilling the applesauce all over his clothes and the floor while I was trying to make dinner.

And I flipped. The profanity probably is burned in my children's minds forever. And, to top it off, I really needed to go to the bathroom and my bladder control is not the best right now, with this huge boy-child inside me pushing on my bladder all the time and my temper was not the only thing that was lost when I yelled.

And I can't go anywhere now, because the husband has to go to work soon and I'll be left alone with the children after spending all day with teenagers who looked at me like I was crazy when I gave them the new project we're going to start.

I'm so tired. Can I go to bed now?


Nicole said...

you may go to bed now. i give you permission. (well, except it's totally like 5 hours later than when you posted this.)

And if you haven't ventured onto my other blog where I vent about my kids and husband you really should. Not because it's super steller writing but because it will at least help you through knowing that it's not just you, that we all have moments like this. We should all be medicated, something STRONG.

Andria said...

Medication would be good. A vacation (without the children or the husband) would be better!