Sunday, April 6, 2008

I love the DI!

I went to the DI after I had blood drawn on Friday and with my mom yesterday (Saturday), and I got so much good stuff!
The above books are all for my classroom library. My books tend to disappear over the year, so I need replenish it for next year.
These are books that I bought for myself.
Books I bought for the boys.
Random stuff I found that was too good a bargain to pass up.
Pretty random stuff that cost less than $3 for everything. I went back to get more of the little glass bottles when the cashier told me she'd give them to me for 25 cents, but they were gone when I got back there. I guess I should have taken them all when I first saw them.
I'm looking forward to more DI hopping once I have this baby, because it was hard doing just one DI a day.


Nicole said...

i love the little glass bottles! i need to do some thrift shopping to see if can find some fun vintage stuff to decorate the tops of my cabinets in my kitchen. I also want some fun "laundry" stuff to put in my laundry room. like old looking soap boxes or such.

Andria said...

We should go together! I love thrifting. We went to Thrift Town first and didn't have much luck, but the DI was full of great stuff!