Sunday, April 13, 2008

Round Ligament Pain, Anybody?

So, last night, after posting, I decided to surf the web to see if I could find out anything about this pain that I have everytime I cough and I found out about something called Round Ligament Pain. And the symptoms and the placement of the pain were exactly what I've been having. So, it's nice to know that it's not just some random pain, that there is an actual name for it and that it is harmless (although everytime I cough, I feel like someone has stabbed me), especially after waking up coughing and then almost screaming out loud. Yet another reason that I'm glad I'm done with having kids. I don't care that the number is uneven or that I don't have a girl; I just never want to do this again! The first two were pieces of cake compared to this one. That makes me a little nervous about delivery, since the first two were so easy as well.

Well, a month and a half and I'll be done and I can start complaining about not sleeping at night because of a newborn. I'm actually looking forward to it.


HeidiPie said...

tylenol is for pain and my doc said I could take it while pregnant.

Nicole said...

how about some essential oils? and did you try vics vapor rub on the bottom of your feet for the cough? I have done it for my kids before and it seems to help. rub the vics on thick and then put socks on. can't hurt to try.

Andria said...

Tylenol doesn't really work for the pain and I've tried the Vics vapor rub on the bottom of my feet and it didn't help. But thanks for the advice.

I've also tried peppermint oil on my chest. I just need to have this baby so I can have a semi-normal life, without pain or a cough.

Nicole said...

that totally SUCKS that nothing helps!!!!! I'm out of advice. I'll just pray for you, and pray for the baby to come early, too. :)