Friday, April 4, 2008

A long morning

I had a long morning today. The best thing about the morning was that I got to sleep in until 7:00! But I had to be at the "lab" to have blood drawn by 8:30. So, first they pricked my finger to check my glucose level, then they drew blood, I got to drink the sweet, sweet red drink and then I got to sit for an hour. After having blood drawn three more times (one time really hurt and the place where the gal drew blood from still hurts now) and 145 pages of a fluffy romance novel read, I got to leave and finally eat something. It made me laugh that when I finally got to leave, everybody at school was already in 7th period. The day was half over for them.

I went to Panda Express with the husband, then I headed over to the DI, bought a bunch of books for my classroom and some other doodads, went to Michaels (bought a whole basket of stuff, including several Martha Stewart items that were on clearance), and then made a quick stop at Walmart to get a phone card for the husband (I didn't even get a cart and I still spent over $60! That must be a record).

And, even though I didn't do hardly anything today, I'm exhausted. I don't have a whole lot of patience for my children tonight. I think it will be an early to bed night...for all of us!


orangemily said...

Yucky bruises!

Nicole said...

My RSS feed must be slow to update because this post totally didn't show up on my feed until this morning. alas. I hope you all went to bed early. Sometimes early bed time is a miracle cure for so many ailments.

MeggyMeg said...

Ouch. I hate blood tests! Also hate to admit that our kids go to bed early more often than not. They get up too early in the morning and refuse to take naps. OH well, leaves me with time at night with out them. :)