Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Wish I Could Bottle That Comment!

I love when I get a warm, fuzzy feeling at work; it happens so rarely. Today, a student came in with some of her friends to get the work she missed from last time. One of her friends said that all she does in her English class is read books and watch movies (which she liked because she admitted that she rarely read the book). My student said, "Not us. In my class, we learn stuff." Hooray! Someone actually thinks that we learn in the classes I teach.

Now, I wish I could take that comment, put it in a bottle, and have it on my desk so I can open in anytime I feel like I'm a crappy teacher and my students aren't learning anything.


Tony and Whitney said...

Fabulous! I always love those comments.

Nicole said...

yea! congratulations on being a good teacher!

it should by like in Harry Potter where you can take your memories out of your head and put them in the strange swirling bowl and rewatch them over and over. (okay, I know it's called the pensive, but strange swirling bowl is more fun.) I'm afraid if I could do that though I'd spend all my time in the past, so afraid that today might be a bad day, so why bother living it when I can watch yesterday that was so great?