Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scones and Screaming

I like to do something other than cereal when I am here during the morning, since I'm very rarely here in the morning. Yesterday I made French Toast Sticks (Okay, I actually cooked frozen ones from Evil-mart.) and today I decided to make scones (I have the world's easiest recipe and they're just as good as any restaurant: You buy one tube of jumbo fridge biscuits, flatten them out and then cook them in hot oil. Seriously, they're that easy and they are sooo good).

So, back to the scones. As I was making them, I asked Buddy to leave the kitchen because the oil was hot and I didn't want him hanging out right behind me and getting splattered or something. Well, he acted like I had just shot his dog and he started screaming and crying. I told him to stop crying. He didn't so he got sent to time out. That, of course, made things worse. I went in to talk to him and told him if he stopped crying he could come out. Before he came out, I asked him if he wanted honey or jam on his scone. He said, "Jam!" So, I fixed him a scone with jam, picked him up and told him that I loved him and got him to calm down a little more, and gave him the scone.

Well, then he acted like not only had I shot his dog, but I had just handed it to him on a plate and he started screaming again! Before I lost my temper, I told him to go to his room. When I went into to talk to him, I asked him what he wanted. He then told me that he wanted honey on his scone! Grrr! I can't do anything right with that kid sometimes!

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Nicole said...

you mean dog shooter! I didn't even know you had a dog!

i think anybody with kids can completely empathize with your morning. we've all been there. kids are so hard to figure out sometimes. Good thing we love them because at times it's the only reason I don't just walk out and just keep walking.